Scalp Micropigmentation in Portugal – Europe

Scalp Micropigmentation with Elan Mello at Spa Hera Clinic in Lisbon.

Get Microcapilar done with Elan Mello: The Solution for Baldness and Hair Loss.

Whether you are bald or looking to conceal patches and areas with less hair, the Microcapilar® technique offers a stunning transformation. With Elan Mello, experience the world's best scalp micropigmentation, Microcapilar®, because only it can achieve results with an incredibly realistic hair illusion, high density, and restored confidence.

Natural Results and High Self-Esteem: The Trademark of Microcapilar® in Portugal

We enthusiastically introduce the innovative Microcapilar® technique, an exclusive creation by Elan Mello. Recognized by INPI in Portugal and Brazil, Microcapilar® stands out for its transformative results and authenticity. Provenly effective, this technique has redefined standards in scalp micropigmentation.

Spa Hera Clinic: Sophisticated, Technological, and Inspiring Environment

The Spa Hera Clinic in Odivelas offers an environment that combines sophistication and cutting-edge technology. Get ready to rejuvenate your self-esteem and confidence with the Microcapilar® technique. Our partnership delivers impressive and exceptional results, backed by years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction in Lisbon.

Schedule Your Consultation and Rediscover Confidence

Take advantage of our prime location and schedule your consultation to unveil a new version of yourself. Your quest for self-esteem and hair perfection now has a name: Elan Mello and the Microcapilar® technique. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your appearance naturally and confidently at Spa Hera.

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    Natural Transformation with Microcapilar: See the Incredible Scalp Micropigmentation Results in Lisbon, Portugal - Check out the Photos